From Simon & Schuster

"The text is accessible and clever. . . . It's possible that even children of Republicans will be inspired by the ending." -Kirkus Reviews

"This book will inspire young readers through its positive portrayal of American politics and of Pelosi as a strong woman leader." -Booklist

"An engaging introduction to the most powerful woman in current American politics." -School Library Journal

This empowering picture book tells the story of Nancy Pelosi, the first female Speaker of the House and one of the most powerful women in US politics!

Nancy Pelosi is a beacon of patriotism and integrity, demonstrating strength and leadership in her over 30 years in public office. A politician, mother of five, and tireless advocate for the underprivileged, she has dedicated her life to correcting injustice and inequality, and she serves her country with confidence and compassion. Rising from the California Democratic Party Chair to House Minority Leader to become the first woman Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is a gifted leader and an inspiration to young women everywhere.

This picture book chronicles the life of one of the United States's most influential women, telling a story that is equal parts moving and empowering.

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